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          About us

          Harmony machinery equipment(shanghai)CO,.LTD.was founded in 2005, specializing in keyless connection.Industrial transmission basic pieces of research and development and manufacturing, is Italian ADIMIK group in China, is the only designated partners, in 2007 a joint research and development of ADK brand series of drive.

          Companies adhering to the Italian General Factory Technology and sustainable development of the philosophy of, is committed to domestic and foreign machinery industry supporting demand, company introduced many sets of imported equipment and advanced technical personnel, strict according to the international universal standards and ADK independent patent product standards, the high performance products into customers for mechanical products, to improve customer product price and market competitiveness.

          Now, Shanghai company production of ADK products involving the basis of mechanical transmission parts, after many years of continuous development, at present production of products in the packaging machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, paper machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, chemical machinery, heavy machinery and, transportation equipment, tobacco machinery, machine tools and other equipment industry get widely used.

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          Copyright @ Harmony machinery equipment(shanghai)CO,.LTD., any enterprise and individual has no right to steal, once discovered shall be investigated for legal responsibility. 滬ICP備16020975號-1 Tel:021-69105768 (69105786) Fax:021-69105723
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